Weller WLG9400Κ -SOLDERING GUN 140-100W (KIT)

Weller WLG9400Κ -SOLDERING GUN 140-100W (KIT)
Product Code: 4003019445080
MPN(Manufacturer Part Number): WLG9400K23C
Brand: Weller

Weller WLG9400K soldering gun, in plastic case

with ergonomic handle and bright LED illumination for better visibility

Dual Power : 140W/100W

Heat up time : 6sec

Items included

  • Weller WLG9400 soldering gun
    • Power: 140-100W
    • Input voltage: 230W
  • Weller 7135 soldering tip
  • Weller 6110 cutting tip
  • Weller 6120 smoothing tip
  • Solder wire

WARNING - Please read the operating instructions



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